The 2009 CRM Market Awards: The 2009 Rising Stars

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A "rising star" should be more than a brilliant flash that disappears before you can point it out. The CRM Rising Stars, in fact, are companies that we expect to see burning brightly long after we anoint them. They may even serve as guiding lights to illuminate the CRM landscape. This year's half dozen companies actually come packaged as binary stars: two twinklers casting a heavenly glow on your data; twin spotlights beaming through the noise of social media; and a pair of Internet supernovae threatening to utterly shift the power dynamic of an entire industry. What's the gravitational field binding these six together? Well, they're all fixtures in our little hemisphere now, and—one way or another—they'll be changing the way we all do business.

Read more about this year's Rising Stars:

Google - Riding the Cloud-Computing Wave

Facebook - Friending Consumers

Lithium Technologies - Trusting the Community

Visible Technologies - Making Social Media Matter

InsideView - Aggregating the Data

Jigsaw - Purifying the Data

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