• May 8, 2008
  • By Marshall Lager, founder and managing principal, Third Idea Consulting; contributor, CRM magazine

Tealeaf Stalks Customers Online

Analytics: 3 Customer Svc/Call Ctr: 2 Industry News: 3 Integration: 2 Customer experience vendor Tealeaf Technology today updated its Customer Behavior Analysis Suite with the release of Tealeaf cxResults. This application helps decision makers to understand complete customer behavior patterns across multiple online visits, and discover patterns pointing to unusual experiences, according to the company. CxResults also provides analytics to refine and answer questions about site experiences and associated business impact. The new visitor data model of cxResults allows the creation of ad-hoc segments for detailed analysis by individual visit or across multiple visits. Sequence of events, absence of events, and number of repetitions are examples of how behavioral searches and full text searches can be combined to reveal anticipated and unanticipated behavior. Tealeaf suggests these situations:
  • Sequence of events: Show all visitors who saw the error message, "We're sorry" but still purchased something later in the same visit or in a follow-on visit.
  • The absence of events: Show all visitors who searched for something but who never added an item to their shopping cart.
  • The number of occurrences: Show all visitors who tried to register three times but still were never able to sign in.
"Given the complexity of modern Web applications it is impossible to anticipate the behavior and experience of every online visitor and any associated business impact," said John Dawes, Tealeaf's vice president of product management, in a statement. "Tealeaf's Customer Behavior Analysis suite is the first solution to uncover and analyze unanticipated customer behavior and experience enabling decisions based on actual business impact." Tealeaf cxResults is the headliner for a set of announcements. The company also announced the formation of the viaTealeaf Partner Network, which combines Tealeaf's CEM solutions with other vendors' products and services. These include Web analytics, voice of the customer, multivariable testing, and consultancy services. Using viaTealeaf, companies will be able to more rapidly deploy fully integrated systems as well as work with e-business strategists to most effectively implement methodologies for leveraging these systems, according to Tealeaf. Initial participants in the viaTealeaf Partner Network, and their core competencies, include: E-business Optimization
  • Interwoven
  • Omniture
  • SiteSpect
  • WebTrends
Voice of Customer
  • ForeSee Results
  • OpinionLab
Data Analysis
  • Aleri
  • Coral8
  • SAS
Consulting Partners
  • Semphonic
  • Siteworx
  • Stratigent
Tealeaf cxConnect has been updated to serve as the technology backbone of the viaTealeaf Partner Netwoirk, with modules that offer packaged integrations with the partners' site optimization solutions. Lastly, the Tealeaf CX platform now supports global organizations with multilingual sites and provides a unified central management system for configuration rollback, audit and security, and disaster recovery. "More than 80 percent of customer-experience decision makers surveyed recently said improving the usability, usefulness, and enjoyability of the online experience is significantly more important this year," wrote Megan Burns, senior analyst at Forrester Research, in "Customer Experience Spending Intensifies," a February 2008 report. "However, in the same survey few respondents--only 12 percent--said their organizations take a disciplined approach to customer experience. This percentage will grow as firms get better at measuring customer experience and using data--not opinion--to decide which experiences work best."

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