It's NICE to Be Secure

NICE Systems announced yesterday the release of NiceVison Net, the vendor's first end-to-end solution for IP video security. NiceVision Net answers the call in the security marketplace for a complete system whose video information is loss-proof and easily scalable. NICE today also announced the release of NiceVision Control center, an upgrade to its video management applications suite that features a network based digital video matrix. The rollout indicates high demand in the industry for network video, according to the company. Micheal Rubinov, director of marketing, North America, for NICE Systems, says, "The industry is moving toward IP technology and we have seen that our customers are very interested to migrate toward network video. However, until today they did not have that migration path." NICE claims that this new release brings an evolution migration path to companies struggling to fully streamline their video security networks. Rubinov says that the only thing missing from NiceVision Net is the camera. The solution includes an encoder, a network video managing and recording solution, and a decoder for better monitoring. Because there is no standardization in video network technologies, it is often difficult for companies to integrate the different pieces of their systems. For this reason, NICE's system is offered as an end-to-end solution. The NiceVision Control Center upgrade includes advanced real time event and control room management, enhanced investigation tools, and virtual network-based matrix capability. The upgrade will be fully scalable and act as a possible complement to NiceVision Net as it has the capability to manage all other NiceVision solutions. Joe Baker, a senior security advisor for the United Nations and president of Baker Communications, says that the new offerings may truly shake up the market. "NiceVision Net will revolutionize the enterprise CCTV industry," he says. "This unified end-to-end converged solution eliminates the piecemeal of standalone hardware and software previously required." In addition to being a full suite, NiceVision Net offers complete redundancy to ensure that no video data will be lost if one or more pieces of the system fails. Rubinov says that this release says much about the direction of the market as well. He says that while NICE's customers want a migration path, "They don't want to do a forklift or throw away all the investment that they've done. It just shows that the industry is moving more and more into the network video domain." Related articles: NICE Smartens Up
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