• October 1, 2007
  • By Colin Beasty, (former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Tech Solution: Workforce Management Solutions

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In today's contact center and back-office environments, coordinating human staffers can be as complicated as the systems they handle. And when you factor in multiple sites, expanded media options, staff proficiencies and preferences, and customer expectations, the tasks of forecasting and scheduling can become difficult without sophisticated analysis. Enter workforce optimization solutions, which are simplifying those complex tasks while providing insightful performance management and learning capabilities. Aspect eWorkforce Management Delivery Model:
Installed software Price: Pricing starts at $140 per agent and varies depending on the optional enhancement package and implementation complexity. Business Benefits: Enables contact center managers to accurately plan, manage, and optimize the performance of a multiskilled, multichannel, outsourced contact center. Contact centers can maximize profits and improve their overall performance to meet customer demand. Functionality: Includes a suite of solutions, though the suite's core provides essential workforce management forecasting, scheduling, and tracking functionality for single-skill, multiskill, and multichannel contact center environments. To improve efficiencies, the suite includes a set of integrated enhancement packages to help fine-tune agent productivity and to optimize performance and simplify management. The solution integrates with all leading Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs) and predictive dialers, according to the company. Contact: Aspect Software at 978-250-7900; or visit www.aspect.com Envision Performance Suite Delivery Model: Installed software Price: Envision Performance Suite costs $1,200 per user, which includes Envision Quality Monitoring, eLearning, Workforce Management, Agent Desktop, and Business Intelligence. Business Benefits: Envision Performance Suite lets contact center managers deliver training, coaching, and scheduling information to agents via a browser-based agent interface. It helps managers forecast, schedule, and run the agent workforce to provide ideal levels of service to meet customer demand. Functionality: As part of Performance Suite, Workforce Management allows contact center managers to create various traffic models, conduct priority scheduling and integrated coaching sessions, and view comprehensive metrics on contact center performance. The solution determines schedules based on criteria such as traffic volumes, service level goals, cost estimates, and agent information including holidays, breaks, lunches, scheduled coaching sessions, shifts, skill types, and seniority. Contact: Envision at 206-225-0800; email at sales@envisioninc.com; or visit www.envisioninc.com Verint Witness Actionable Solutions Delivery Model: Installed software Price: Pricing starts at $59,000 for 100 seats. Business Benefits: Verint Witness Actionable Solutions allows contact centers to balance and optimize cost savings, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction and productivity. By measuring individual talents and preferences of each employee, contact center managers can align skill sets with business objectives and customer needs to produce optimized schedules. Functionality: Actionable Solutions integrates with ACDs and outbound dialers and uploads historical data directly from databases. Users can then select, combine, and alter historical data to predict future contact volume, handle times, and connect rates, so managers can create more accurate schedules. A skill-based engine incorporates the skills and proficiency of each employee while a "Pulse" screen monitors adherence to performance so managers can take corrective actions in real time. Contact: Verint Systems at 631-962-9600; email at info@verint.com; or visit www.verint.com
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