• May 14, 2024

Salesloft Adds AI Features

Salesloft today released platform enhancements that use artificial intelligence to identify deal insights that revenue teams can use to close more deals.

These new conversation intelligence capabilities extract deeper pipeline insights from calls, help sellers  prepare for meetings with buyers, help sales managers identify targeted feedback for their reps, and capture all members of complex buying committees without manual data input.

"Every opportunity is basically an extended conversation between a buying group and a selling group," said Ellie Fields, chief product officer of Salesloft, in a statement. "Each interaction over the course of weeks or months is a chance to understand the buyer, address their objections, and win a deal. But it's too hard for people to keep all that information top of mind. That's where Salesloft's rich data platform and AI come in. We distill key moments from every conversation, then use that insight to save sellers time and make them smarter."

As part of its spring product launch, Salesloft is unveiling the following capabilities:

  • Conversation Key Moments, for reviewing call recordings and transcripts to identify deal risks and opportunities with generative AI and insight into how competitors, objections, and decision-makers are affecting buyer decisions.
  • Meeting Prep Workflow, with AI that consolidates past conversations data, key moments, and deal summaries into a single cheat sheet directly in sellers'Rhythm workflows. An email with a pre-populated agenda and action items is created on behalf of the seller and can be sent to meeting participants ahead of a call.
  • Auto Buying Group Capture, creating records for all identified persons on an email or in a meeting and logging their activities. Interoperability with Salesloft Deals links each new record to related opportunities in the platform and adds those stakeholders directly on the deal page.
  • AI-Assisted Conversation Scorecards, for managers to identify coachable moments for team members. AI pre-populates scorecards with assessments of rep performance by analyzing conversation transcripts. These scorecards will surface as action items directly in the manager’s Rhythm workflow. Reps can also request scorecards, which populates a Rhythm action item for their manager to complete.

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