• September 15, 2023

Uniphore Adds U-Capture to Its X-Platform

Uniphore has launched U-Capture, an enterprise artificial intelligence solution that can capture both structured and unstructured data, as part of the Uniphore X-Platform.

A result of Uniphore's acquisition of Red Box, U-Capture allows users to access all data from past and live conversations and then leverage AI to extract intelligence and deliver better experiences.

Additional features and benefits of U-Capture include:

  • Open APIs, allowing full control and access to data via APIs;
  • Flexible deployment of capture and data streaming for cloud and hybrid delivery of data;
  • The ability to record voice and capture data across new and legacy telephony systems.

Additionally, Uniphore enhanced several applications incorporating generative AI capabilities running on its X-Platform, including the following:

  • U-Assist Summary, which leverages natural language generation and transformer models to generate summaries for every chat and voice interaction with multiple intents and dispositions.
  • U-Assist Intent Training, to define intents and map to them to flows for agent-assisted interactions.
  • U-Self Serve Context Switching, which enables virtual agents to maintain the original context of the conversation.
  • U-Self Serve Proactive Outreach, which allows companies to contact customers for placement of necessary and time sensitive orders, debt recovery, and more with step-by-step customer guidance.

Additionally, enhancements to Uniphore's Q for Sales solution for revenue teams include the following:

  • Analysis of meetings based on verbal, tonal and visual cues.
  • Expanded governance to include meeting-, deal-, and team-level coaching and collaboration.
  • Team selling with the frictionless sharing of clips and playlists via integrations to Microsoft Teams and Slack.
  • A/B testing for content and messaging.
  • Presentation Guidance, which delivers real-time notifications and guidance around presentation skills to improve video meetings.
  • Empathy coach, improving seller awareness around empathy, its impact on revenue, and how to adapt to buyer reactions.

"Enterprise leaders are in the race to plan for and implement strategic AI initiatives that will transform their business," said Umesh Sachdev, co-founder and CEO of Uniphore, in a statement. "Now more than ever, staying ahead of the game requires an aggressive approach to innovation focused on bringing value to customers as quickly as possible. Uniphore blends our own internal innovations with those acquired through our strong M&A strategy to deliver solutions across our X Platform that transform both customer and employee experiences."

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