• September 7, 2023

Clari Adds Groove and Align Integrations

Following its recent acquisition of Groove, Clari will unveil its first set of integrations between the companies' respective technologies and introduce additions to Groove Plays, which enables sales leaders to program their strategies and assist sellers in real time, ensuring they follow their unique playbooks. Clari will also launch a reimagined buyer-seller collaboration experience that improves deal cycle times and integrates unique buyer intent data into the Clari Revenue Platform.

"Companies can no longer afford to fly blind when it comes to the effectiveness of their revenue initiatives," said Clari CEO Andy Byrne in a statement. "That's why we hit the accelerator on Clari-Groove integrations, so revenue teams from the front lines to the C-suite can gain complete visibility, predictability, and control across the end-to-end revenue process."

The following new capabilities are now available in the Clari Revenue Platform:

  • Groove integrations with Clari Inspect, allowing reps and managers to inspect deals, spot risks, create tasks, and execute follow-up actions, directly from the inspection workflow; and Clari Copilot and RevAI products to analyze calls, provide instant summaries, and automate actions.
  • Groove Plays integration with Groove Action Experience, which provides sellers the important information needed to execute their actions in one location.
  • Support for new action types, such as a Task or Form action, enabling users to improve data hygiene and stay on top of sales methodologies with post-meeting forms.
  • Reimagined Align buyer-seller workspace with a customizable collaborative microsite that streamlines deal management; centralizes relevant resources and communications, including Copilot calls directly in Align; and integrates all data in the Clari Revenue Platform.

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