• May 19, 2022

Clari Launches Align to Unlock Buyer-Seller Insights

Clari today launched Clari Align, fully integrating its mutual action plan technology into the Clari Revenue Platform following the company's acquisition of DealPoint in September.

"At its core, Clari Align brings the buyer and seller together into a collaborative buying experience. It makes the buying experience better, simpler, and transparent," said Kurt Leafstrand, senior vice president of product at Clari, in a statement. "If you're a sales leader, manager, or rep who wants more control over your sales cycles, you need buyer-centric selling through mutual action plans. With Align, you will see improved win rates, shortened sales cycles, and more accurate forecasts, all while delivering a seamless experience for the customer to realize value faster."

Align creates a two-way street that ensures all stakeholders—the buying team, account executives, solution engineers, and revenue leadership—are working together at every step of the revenue process. Through a software-based approach to mutual action plans, Align documents agreed-upon milestones between buyers and sellers.

Align can also be used to facilitate handoffs from pre-sales to post-sales, conduct quarterly business reviews with customers, and improve renewal and expansion motions.

Key capabilities of Align include the following:

  • Mutual action plans, with template libraries, visualized timelines, buyer/ seller team management, and more.
  • Digital sales rooms, with file hosting, sharing, activity, and engagement.
  • Buyer/seller collaboration, with invites, sharing, commenting, updates, and reporting.
  • Platform integration, with two-way CRM sync, deal health indicators, and direct Clari integration.

"At Cognite, we're laser focused on helping our customers achieve maximum business value as soon as possible. With Clari Align, our customers can directly engage to provide feedback and iterate on the exact steps that will result in their organizations accelerating their time to business value with Cognite Data Fusion," said Clari customer Robert Tri, senior vice president at Cognite, in a statement.

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