ChurnZero Makes Customer Success Priority No.1: The 2023 CRM Conversation Starters

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ChurnZero was founded in 2015 to help subscription businesses succeed at scale, spot potential churn risks early, and identify renewal and expansion opportunities. Its products included solutions for account alerts, account management, communication management, customer engagement, life cycle management, health score calculations, onboarding, revenue management, usage tracking/analytics and win/loss analysis, but the Washington-based company operated in quiet obscurity for most of its early years.

But in 2023 ChurnZero exploded on the scene, starting in January with its release of Customer Success AI, a platform using generative artificial intelligence from OpenAI to create customer engagements, content, and strategy ideas in minutes with just a sentence or two of instructions.

The platform allows customer success teams to use preloaded prompts or enter their own to synthesize customer information and histories, conduct research, refine and scale communications, and generate strategic ideas.

Just a month later, ChurnZero put out a free version of Customer Success AI. The free version lets customer success teams tackle content creation and strategy ideation without requiring a ChurnZero subscription.

Then in May ChurnZero updated Customer Success AI yet again, this time giving it the ability to synthesize even more customer information to generate drafts of customer follow-up messages and action items.

The feature enhancement in this latest iteration of Customer Success AI help teams follow up on customer interactions by synthesizing meeting notes and automatically drafting follow-up communications. Users can ask Customer Success AI to change the tone of the communication, edit for length, include additional details, and more.

ChurnZero also used Customer Success AI as the linchpin for a number of other major product releases, including Customer Briefs, which it launched in late July.

Customer Briefs is an AI enhancement that compiles customers’ key details, interactions, and activities into concise summaries with a single click. It uses qualitative and quantitative data to provide context for any customer meeting, renewal negotiation, or strategy consultation.

Included in its details are customer history, current status, and goals; health scores, including highest, lowest, and average scores; usage statistics, such as days active, users active, time logged, and licenses used; Net Promoter, customer satisfaction, and customer effort scores with positive, neutral, and negative comments; recent emails and action items; and recent call notes and activities with recurring themes, concerns, and opportunities highlighted.

Another key product launch this year was the Renewal and Forecast Hub, enabling customer success teams to predict and manage account growth and recurring revenue.

Fully integrated with leading CRM systems, customer success teams can use the Renewal and Forecast Hub to predict, track, and analyze projected revenue across their team’s entire book of business, while individual customer success managers can do the same for their own accounts.

Renewal and Forecast Hub provides customer health scores, proactive churn risk mitigation, strategic fine-tuning of data by users, teams, cohorts, and more, and reporting for revenue, churn, and expansion.

ChurnZero also partnered with Northpass, providers of a digital customer education platform, to enable customer success teams to manage customer education, creating scalable learning experiences in Northpass while using ChurnZero to segment, automate, and drive course enrollment.

Finally, ChurnZero integrated its customer success platform with Snowflake’s Data Cloud, allowing users to sync data from Snowflake directly into their ChurnZero dashboards. The company already offered bidirectional CRM integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, HubSpot, NetSuite, Intercom, HelpScout, Gmail, Zoho CRM, QuickBooks, Teamwork Desk, Freshsales, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.

And ChurnZero says it will provide deeper customer insights and the ability to personalize more customer communications at scale.

“We’re hearing great customer feedback from teams using [Customer Success AI] on how it has significantly streamlined efforts, especially when combining AI with the platform’s automation and in-app tools,” said You Mon Tsang, CEO and cofounder of ChurnZero, in a statement. “We’re excited by its positive impact so far and for what comes next.”

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