• May 23, 2023

Validity Launches DemandTools File Edition

Validity, a provider of data quality and email deliverability solutions, today launched DemandTools File edition to improve data quality across the entire organization and manage duplicates within spreadsheets

With this release, Validity is bringing the power of DemandTools to a broader range of businesses and applications. It merges duplicate rows in spreadsheets. Users can define the matching and merging criteria and match on more than one column using exact and fuzzy matching logic and combine values in columns when merging duplicate rows. DemandTools File will also export the found duplicates to a new sheet to show what was identified, export the merged data set to a new sheet to display the cleaned information, and keep the original data intact.

"DemandTools File edition will provide even more businesses with the tools they need to take their data quality to the next level," said Chris Hyde, senior vice president and global head of data solutions at Validity, in a statement. "If anyone manages data in spreadsheets, regardless of their specific role in an organization, this product will ensure their data represents unique rows of information. Given the economic turbulence we are experiencing globally, this tool is more important than ever."

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