• March 15, 2023

Braze Launches WhatsApp Messaging

Braze has integrated its customer engagement platform with messaging channel WhatsApp to help marketers create, orchestrate, and send WhatsApp campaigns directly from the Braze platform.

"Now more than ever, marketers must create more personalized and relevant customer experiences across multiple channels that provide value, build retention, and maximize long-term loyalty," said Kevin Wang, chief product officer of Braze, in a statement. "Today's consumers continue to gravitate toward WhatsApp to learn about products and services. As consumers rely on the channel more to interact with brands, it is imperative that marketers embrace this messaging revolution and take full advantage of this emerging marketing arena to deliver richer, conversational experiences to customers. For many brands, incorporating WhatsApp into a cross-channel customer engagement strategy may be essential to help drive business results throughout the customer lifecycle, and we're thrilled to offer a comprehensive WhatsApp Business Integration to do just that."

With the WhatsApp Business Integration in Braze, companies can do the following:

  • Create WhatsApp Business accounts using the Braze platform's embedded sign-up flow and manage the channel directly through Braze;
  • Build and launch campaigns through a WhatsApp message composer. Braze lets them add images, quick-reply buttons, and calls to action. With dashboard reporting, they can respond to channel performance trends and optimize individual campaign performance in real time,.
  • Build two-way conversations. Braze Canvas Flow builds and visualizes relevant two-way WhatsApp conversations, creating reply messages and branching users into journeys based on their real-time behaviors, preferences, and cross-channel interactions. Iinbound message processing lets users respond to customer messages, collecting and confirming opt-ins, opt-outs, and responding to quick-reply selections.
  • Consolidate marketing tech and optimize marketing spend, using Braze Audience Sync to reduce paid media waste by immediately suppressing paid social ads the instant a customer converts on WhatsApp, mobile app, web, email, or other digital touchpoint.

"When it comes to marketing messages on WhatsApp, the key is to create a valuable messaging experience that focuses on the interactions that matter most to your customers," said Kyle Jenke, senior director of partnerships at Meta, WhatsApp's parent company, in a statement. "By using WhatsApp as a staple messaging channel, brands can foster deeper relationships with their customers. Braze provides the strategic guidance and industry expertise needed to evolve confidently in this space. With their speed to market, extensive experience, and measurable results, brands can optimize their WhatsApp strategy for business growth and adhere to Meta's best practices."

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