• July 12, 2022

Braze Launches Canvas Flow

Braze, a customer engagement platform provider, today introduced Braze Canvas Flow, a customer journey orchestration tool. Canvas Flow is an enhancement to Canvas, Braze's no-code visual development tool, and includes an updated user interface, advanced real-time orchestration and personalization features, and enhanced experimentation and versioning capabilities.

"We believe the state-of-the-art for creating meaningful experiences has evolved. Braze Canvas Flow empowers marketers to create more creative customer journeys with a simple, easy-to-use tool," said Kevin Wang, senior vice president of product at Braze, in a statement. "Canvas Flow helps brands get started faster and build sophistication while expanding to a cross-channel strategy, allowing them to deliver the cohesive and personalized experiences that customers have come to expect."

Leveraging Braze Canvas Flow, marketers can design, visualize, and launch customer journeys from a single drag-and-drop interface and then build, operate, and understand the real-time results of personalized cross-channel campaigns. With Braze Canvas Flow's updatedinterface, marketers can use visual components to design multistep customer journeys.

Using Action Paths, Audience Paths, and Decision Split components within Braze Canvas Flow, marketers can automatically tailor each customer's experience based on contextual preferences, behaviors, and cross-channel interactions. Additionally, using new Canvas Exit Criteria, marketers can automatically remove customers from campaigns the instant they convert. With a new User Update Component, they can also simplify data capture within customer journeys by capturing customer behavior and preference data and using it to inform future segmentation, personalization, and messaging.

Braze Canvas Flow also unites owned and paid channels in the context of a dynamic customer journey. Marketers can use cross-channel interaction, behavior, and preference data to meet customers over email, SMS, mobile, web channels, or paid social.

With the tool's comprehensive journey testing, marketers can test at the overall journey level, at any point and at the individual message level. The new Experiment Paths component enables marketers to test and implement the most effective channels, cadence, frequency, subject lines, message copy and creative, and more, all from a single tool. Global Control Groups give marketers a turnkey solution for testing engagement uplift and ROI. With new post-launch edits and versioning capabilities, marketers can also iterate on journeys to constantly improve results while staying up-to-date with collaborators.

"With the implementation of Braze, we were able to effectively organize our data and have it streamed directly into the platform," said Max Pulcini, director of marketing and communications at EverWash, in a statement. "This made customer segmentation a much simpler process, delivering even more value. From there, we set up push notifications, developed an SMS strategy, and began creating dynamic customer journeys using Braze Canvas Flow. Armed with better tools and data, we were able to engage with users in more meaningful ways to help increase the lifecycle and value of our subscriptions. Our membership lifespan is up by an average of one month, our monthly recurring revenue is up 30.3 percent, and 30-member retention is up 7 percent."

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