• September 27, 2022

Adobe Target Adds AI-Powered Personalization Features

Adobe has added artificial intelligence-powered personalization enhancements so users can leverage filtering and intelligence to directly impact the business metrics that matter most on a per activity basis.

These new features include custom models within AI-Personalization Activities, enhanced activity alerts, and a beta launch of an integration with Adobe Real-Time CDP for omnichannel attribute scoring in AI-powered personalization.

Target will provide enhanced model controls within Automated Personalization, which ranks the order of personalized experiences, offers, and content to each individual at each visit, as well as Auto-Target activities, which provides a personalized page/screen or multipage/multiscreen experience in real time for each individual.

The insights reports from these activities show all of the analysis on predictive attributes and segments per experience.

"While evaluating everything in each individual's profile can be good for exploring and exploiting, especially with anonymous traffic where the best personalization rules are not clear, there are many instances where a user would like to constrain the algorithms' computing power. For instance, based on incentives to drive rewards program signup, a company might prefer these activities to focus on evaluating propensity score, current loyalty status, and geo-location and ignore inconsequential data, like weather and device type. Not only does this speed up the algorithms' computation, but it also weeds out the potential data noise in insights reports," Drew Burns, principal product marketing manager for the digital marketing business unit at Adobe, explained in a blog post yesterday.

Another addition is a new API to block-list profile attributes within Automated Personalization and Auto-Target activities to broaden the scope of how and where personalization decisioning can be used by organizations.

Adobe also announced a beta release of Adobe Real-Time CDP attributes and high-value segments in Automated Personalization and Auto-Target activities. This expands the data available for Adobe Target's algorithms to evaluate for more precise personalization.

"Now with our Adobe Target beta for evaluating Real-Time CDP profile attributes and segments for AI-powered evaluation and scoring, customers will be able to leverage user data in the moment to deliver next-best-experiences for driving engagement, conversion, and loyalty metrics that exponentially impact revenue," Burns wrote.

Adobe Target also offers new alerts within the user interface of Pulse 2.0, the reporting system shared across Adobe Experience Cloud applications, as well as the ability to trigger emails on activity progress, including activity launches, issues, and results.

"We're excited to see how brands continue to build, scale, and mature their personalization programs with these new AI-powered capabilities in Adobe Target," Burns wrote.

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