• July 29, 2020

Adobe Target Announces Enhanced Analytics

Adobe Target has increased Adobe Analytics-enhanced reporting with the artificial intelligence-powered testing and personalization capabilities of new Auto-Allocate, Auto-Target and Recommendations, all leveraging Adobe Sensei, Adobe's AI technology.

In addition, a new dedicated Target dashboard in Analysis Workspace provides rich visualizations and deeper analysis.

Adobe Target also provides a pre-configured, server-to-server integration with Adobe Analytics, Marketers can click Analytics and use all of their Analytics segments and success metrics in reports. Rich reporting in Adobe Analytics can also answer ad-hoc questions on audience segments

These improvements also include the following:

  • Auto-Allocate for testing in low-traffic areas or to find winners faster on time-sensitive campaigns. Marketers can test several options for new customer self-service funnels on websites or mobile apps.
  • Auto-Target, which replaces the need for hundreds of static landing pages by dynamically ranking the right offers or creative to show at each visit, personalized to each individual. Marketers can use Analytics-enhanced reporting to show how each experience impacted performance of each key metric further down the customer journey. Analytics-enhanced reporting for Auto-Target is now in beta and will be generally available later this summer.
  • Recommendations, which provides a spectrum of customizable algorithms, including Recommended For You personalization based on visitors' browsing histories.

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