• August 9, 2022

Iterable Introduces AI Optimization Suite

Communication platforms provider Iterable today launched the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Optimization Suite, which includes Iterable's new Predictive Goals with Explainable AI and existing Iterable AI products, including Brand Affinity and Send Time Optimization.

Predictive Goals helps companies develop smarter personalization strategies, define and create conversion goals, and build customized predictions that forecast how likely customers are to convert on their goals. With these predictions, marketers can create custom customer segments, tailor their messaging, and increase the velocity of the experimentation for maximum impact.

Within Predictive Goals is Explainable AI, a feature designed to give marketers a look at AI-powered campaigns. Explainable AI helps marketers understand which data points contributed to the forecasts made by Predictive Goals, and access to a wealth of insights that they can apply to future campaigns.

"Our AI Optimization Suite unlocks limitless possibilities for our customers, who now have access to powerful AI tools that are completely customizable and comprehensive. With access to detailed insight into how customer behaviors are correlated to specific goals and business outcomes, marketers can approach their work with the strategic, high-impact mindset of a data scientist," said Bela Stepanova, senior vice president of product at Iterable, in a statement. "Understanding the inner workings behind the intelligent system gives marketers the clarity and confidence to improve and refine the predictions they create, design goals that fit their unique business needs, and implement fresh ideas about how to approach customer-first campaigns."

Other updates included in Iterable's summer release include the following:

  • Enhancements to Iterable's Studio, with greater predictability at an individualized level and redesigned templates to streamline message creation with testing and previewing of dynamic content.
  • Audience Insights, a new feature that provides cohort-level insight that allows marketers to validate and refine messages.
  • Mobile enhancements that capture more data from mobile devices and help marketers personalize product announcements, deliver new customer welcome messages, create new interaction touchpoints, and capture event data automatically, even when a device is offline.

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