• December 10, 2020

Iterable Launches Brand Affinity

Iterable today released Brand Affinity, an intelligent personalization solution for marketers to measure customer sentiment.

Powered by Iterable AI, Brand Affinity helps marketers identify, segment, and communicate with customers based their interests. It converts common customer signals, such as email clicks and mobile push notification opens, into affinity labels core to each customer profile that can be woven into orchestrated campaigns across channels.

"Brands that win today are those that can establish deep, authentic, and long-lasting connections with their customers," said Bela Stepanova, vice president of product at Iterable, in a statement. "Yet establishing and growing this relationship is harder than ever, especially while consumer trust is at an all-time low. Brand Affinity provides insights into how best to communicate with customers so that marketers can maximize retention with loyal customers, nurture customers through each lifecycle stage, and mitigate churn with unsatisfied customers."

"Brand Affinity gives us deep insight into donor sentiment that enables us to more effectively nurture at all stages of the user journey," said Dani Gonzalez, founder and CEO of dgtl fundraising, in a statement. "Iterable's AI-driven solutions allow us to make smarter and more effective decisions than we've ever been able to make with manual data analysis and segmentation."

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