• April 19, 2022

ActionIQ Partners with InfoSum

ActionIQ, a customer data platform (CDP) provider, and InfoSum, a data collaboration and data clean room platform provider, partnered to unlock the power of second-party data by combining the ActionIQ CX Hub and the InfoSum Secure Data Clean Room. Following the integration, companies will have a secure environment to connect, enrich, and activate their first-party data from partners without reliance on third-party data or cookies.

With the joint solution, marketers can onboard their data directly from the ActionIQ CX Hub to their InfoSum clean room. The data is encrypted and anonymized matching is conducted across multiple data sets. The enriched data is then fed back into the ActionIQ CX Hub to discover and orchestrate experiences across all brand touchpoints.

This partnership will deliver end-to-end privacy protection and holistic data governance, enabling companies to control their data. The joint solution will enable companies to do the following:

  • Create a richer, deeper understanding of their customers and extract valuable insights from enriched first-party and second-party partner data;
  • Go beyond insights to orchestrate personalized experiences across all brand touchpoints and at all stages of the customer journey; and
  • Measure marketing and advertising effectiveness without cookies or device IDs.

"Delivering personalized, superior customer experiences requires use of the full spectrum of customer data, from first-party real-time and historical insights to second-party data," said Justin DeBrabant, senior vice president of product at ActionIQ, in a statement. "ActionIQ selected InfoSum to be our clean room partner because of their patented, privacy-first technology that connects customer records between and among companies without moving or sharing data. Our partnership will enable businesses to achieve a full understanding of their customers to deliver relevant experiences that ensure brand loyalty."

"This partnership enables privacy-first data collaboration between brands and publishers while enhancing the customer journey and experience," said Valerie Mercurio, director of business development at InfoSum, in a statement. "ActionIQ is a perfectly situated partner to help deliver end-to-end privacy protection and holistic data governance, orchestrate personalized customer experiences, and enable companies to safely maintain control over their data without compromising it through sharing it. As the industry moves beyond cookies, leveraging second-party data will enable brands and publishers to create a richer, deeper understanding of their core customers with enriched insights from multiple collaboration partners."

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