• August 25, 2022

InfoSum Partners with Neustar and IRI

InfoSum, a provider of data collaboration platforms, has partnered with Neustar and IRI to bring both companies' products into its Data Clean Room solution.

Through the Neustar partnership, Neustar Unified Identity, a suite of identity resolution and data capabilities, is now available in the InfoSum Data Clean Room. Clients can now connect and share offline and online customer data to scale their audience segmentation and omnichannel targeting initiatives. The InfoSum Data Clean Room leverages secure multi-party computing to compare and analyze overlapping datasets without commingling or moving data.

Additionally, every InfoSum client will have access to the identity resolution and data enrichment capabilities of Neustar. Marketing and data analytics users can now securely match, enrich, and analyze their identity data directly within their data clean room for seamless analysis and prediction of shared demographics, behavioral attributes, and consumer psychographics across first-party datasets from multiple advertising partners.

"The combination of our privacy-first data clean room capabilities and Neustar's world class identity resolution and data enrichment capabilities paves the way for data-driven advertising in a privacy-first, increasingly data-deprived advertising world," said Lauren Wetzel, InfoSum's chief operating officer, in a statement. "This partnership will help brand, agency, and publisher partners realize their advertising and revenue goals despite the unprecedented challenges of data deprecation."

"With InfoSum, we're helping prepare the marketing world for the transformative changes happening in customer data and B2C marketing," said Michael Schoen, executive vice president of marketing solutions at Neustar, in a statement. "This partnership reflects our strategic focus on consumer trust and the privacy-enhanced technologies and identity resolution capabilities that make delivering relevant and valuable customer experiences possible."

Through the IRI partnership, InfoSum's Data Clean Room will enable IRI's clients to enrich their first-party data with IRI's purchase-based deterministic information. IRI will offer both transaction data from 45 million households and IRI ProScores, a purchase-based dataset, within InfoSum's platform.

This integration will allow advertisers to collaborate and enhance their first-party data with IRI's consumer packaged goods purchase data and other second- and third-party data available on InfoSum's platform to improve planning, targeting, activation, and measurement.

"Together with InfoSum, we are helping CPG marketers connect with the highest-quality purchase data in the industry and seamlessly infusing it into each phase of the marketing process, amplifying end-to-end collaboration," said Jennifer Pelino, executive vice president of global media solutions at IRI, in a statement. "Our partnership enables more efficient data connections in an environment built with security and privacy in mind to augment clients' first-party data. Because we capture purchase behavior across online and offline activities, clients leverage IRI data as a foundation for omnichannel activation, and with InfoSum's architecture, we can move with the speed and agility that advertisers desire."

"This partnership with IRI will bring first-party data and premium data matching to the forefront for InfoSum customers," said Marc Cestaro, vice president of InfoSum, in a statement. "IRI is the industry leader and bellwether for CPG first-party data, and our new partnership will enable brands to drive better business outcomes through our fast and frictionless data matching, while prioritizing privacy and compliance. We're eager to offer advertisers and agencies the largest CPG data assets globally for improved targeting and actionable measurement."

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