• September 28, 2021

LoopMe Launches PurchaseLoop Measurement

LoopMe today launched PurchaseLoop Measurement, a stand-alone measurement solution that provides real-time consumer brand lift measurement and analytics across media channels, including digital (mobile, web), connected TV, digital audio, and out-of-home.

Derived from LoopMe's survey technology that reaches 250 million Americans across 90 million households, PurchaseLoop Measurement provides insights across all screens and platforms.

"Consumer behavior has changed rapidly over the past 18 months, creating new challenges as brands try to measure whether their advertising is moving the needle," said Chris Swarbrick, managing partner and ad technology strategy and coordination at OMG UK, in a statement. "LoopMe provides a unique offering that leverages real-time machine learning and artificial intelligence to find consumers where they spend the most time--on their mobile devices--and measures advertising effectiveness across brand metrics in a quick and scalable way, even as the market becomes more fragmented. LoopMe is paving the way for the next wave of brand measurement solutions that secure a true one-to-one connection between brands and consumers."

"LoopMe's new PurchaseLoop measurement solution enables Origin to measure the effectiveness of our native CTV solutions while a client campaign is running, which is incredibly valuable," said Stephen Strong, co-founder of Origin, in a statement. "Better still, with near real-time survey response data and Origin's unique ability to edit and even change the native content preceding our clients' regular ads, we can proactively determine what the viewer might see next time, thereby vastly elevating the overall impact that brand has."

"Talon's partnership with LoopMe empowers marketers to accurately measure the business impact of their OOH campaigns and ultimately make smarter, better-informed decisions about how to optimize their media investments," said Jonathan Conway, chief operating officer of Talon America, in a statement. "We look forward to continued collaboration with LoopMe in bringing their new PurchaseLoop Measurement studies to our clients to further prove the efficacy of OOH advertising as an outcomes-based channel, whether it's driving awareness, favorability, purchase intent, foot traffic, or offline sales."

"This is such an exciting time in media measurement as clients demand new ways of evaluating their investments across emerging platforms and media," said Rob Cukierman, general manager of measurement at LoopMe, in a statement. "As these new media channels get an increasingly large slice of advertising dollars, it's imperative that new solutions emerge to solve these challenges. PurchaseLoop Measurement addresses many of today's myriad challenges, and I look forward to continuing to evolve the technology to meet the ever-changing future demands of the industry."

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