• September 13, 2021

Feedvisor Unveils Feedvisor360

Feedvisor, providers of an optimization and intelligence platform for retailers on Amazon, Walmart, and e-marketplaces, has launched Feedvisor360 for continuous optimization of advertising, pricing, and inventory on Amazon.

Feedvisor 360 is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that continuously monitors market dynamics across advertising, pricing, inventory, and more. It automatically identifies opportunities and implements real-time integrated actions that drive sales and profits.

"Feedvisor360 integrates data across operational, marketing, and inventory domains and connects it with AI-driven optimization engines, acting autonomously and simultaneously to maximize sales velocity and profitability in real time," said Victor Rosenman, CEO and founder of Feedvisor, in a statement. "For the first time ever, brands and retailers on Amazon will have access to a holistic platform offering a completely integrated view of their data, actions, and opportunities like never before. It is a game changer for brands and retailers on Amazon."

Feedvisor360 includes the following:

  • Real-time price and bidding optimizations;
  • Holistic analyses and actions on key opportunities;
  • Precise, SKU-level insights; and
  • Actionable market intelligence.

"With the Feedvisor360 platform, retailers and brands can now efficiently and consistently scale all aspects of their business using holistic strategies and integrated actions across pricing, advertising and inventory to drive profitable growth," said Dani Nadel, president and chief operating officer of Feedvisor, in a statement. "Only when brands and retailers can examine their Amazon performance from a holistic lens will they be able to optimize for true profitability. We are excited to see the power of our 360 integrated platform is already being experienced, with clients reporting an average of 87 percent [year-over-year] sales growth, 81 percent [year-over-year] profit growth, and 57 percent {year-over-year] ad sales growth."

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