• May 18, 2021

Feedvisor Launches Advertising Optimization and Intelligence Platform

Feedvisor, an e-commerce optimization and intelligence platform, today launched its Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform powered by artificial intelligence to help companies make informed decisions across their entire advertising programs.

Feedvisor's Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform improves rankings, conversions, and full-funnel performance across all Amazon ad types, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Video, Sponsored Display, and Amazon DSP. Users benefit from autonomous dayparting and flexible aggressiveness, product and audience targeting, natural language-driven keyword harvesting and forecasting, and real-time metrics for all campaigns in one dashboard.

"Amazon is an intricate, dynamic marketplace and a delicate partnership for many brands and retailers to navigate," said Dani Nadel, president and chief operating officer of Feedvisor, in a statement. "Businesses require advanced technology and deep Amazon expertise backed by data to keep up with Amazon's complexity and pace in order to maximize their overall marketplace performance. Feedvisor's Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform provides brands and retailers with the tools and actionable insights they need to take advantage of the increasingly competitive Amazon Advertising landscape."

Feedvisor's full-funnel solution empowers companies on Amazon to do the following:

  • Grow revenue and drive results: On average, Feedvisor's Advertising Optimization and Intelligence clients see a 64 percent increase in revenue, 41 percent increase in profits, 51 percent improvement in sales rank, 65 percent improvement in return on ad spend, and 40 percent increase in ad sales, according to the company.
  • Automate and optimize 24/7: The platform's machine learning constantly monitors an ASIN's SearchGraph and ProductSphere to predict exact bidding, identify targets, and optimize spend.
  • Extract actionable data with holistic performance insights around the impact of advertising on operational performance, from the category, brand, campaign, and ASIN levels.

"Companies don't advertise just for the sake of advertising," said Victor Rosenman, founder and CEO of Feedvisor, in a statement. "They do it to increase sales, grow margins, and ensure revenue growth. As such, simply looking at one set of advertising data isn't enough because, when you only look at the granular level, you lose the big picture. With Feedvisor's Advertising Optimization and Intelligence platform, brands and retailers can utilize the holistic view of their catalog, including advertising metrics and sales, to ensure they're making the right decisions for their entire businesses."

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