CX Connect 2021: In Case You Missed It

Missed any of this year's sessions? See them here.

Day 1: Speech Technology

STK1. Keynote: Why Voice AI, Why Now?

The future of customer service is rapidly evolving. Customer expectations are growing while patience is dwindling. Contact center costs are growing, and scaling while delivering exceptional experiences is becoming more challenging than ever. Emerging technologies in CX are committed to resolving this conundrum, and Voice AI is at the frontline. Voice AI is the biggest disrupter to the customer experience, helping brands achieve the unimaginable: increasing revenue from customer loyalty while reducing operational costs. For the first time ever, Voice AI is joining forces with human agents to improve CX by taking on Tier-1 issues, improving first contact resolution, and freeing up agents for escalations that require an empathic human connection that builds trust with customers. How are leading commercial brands leveraging Voice AI in their customer journey? How is Voice AI used across industries - insurance versus hospitality, telecoms versus retail? What are the results? What’s the next frontier?

STK2. Empathy and Optimization: A Great Duo for CX

The future of work in customer service is all about how humans work alongside AI to create great customer experiences where customers feel understood and valued. Companies that ‘get it’ understand that AI is not a replacement but rather an enabler for the emotive responses that humans do best--the challenge they face is how to effectively blend AI and human interactions that are empathetic and meaningful for the customer.

STK3: Case Study - Quality, reliability, scalability and accuracy for the contact center

Bespoken is the leader in automated testing, training and monitoring for voice and chat. In this session, we will review our work with EPCOR, a major Canadian utility company, and how we increased customer satisfaction and ROI in their contact cetner. We worked with EPCOR to rapidly accelerate and improve their new IVA solution for reporting power outages.


Spitch: Use Conversational Analytics in the Discovery Phase of an Omnichannel VA Project

Featured speaker: Gary Williams, Director, Sales and Consultancy, UK and International Markets, Spitch

Calabrio: Supercharging the Contact Center with AI

Predicting the outcomes that hold the most impact. Featured Speaker: Terri Kocon, Product Marketing Manager, Calabrio

Why Your CX Depends on Conversational Automation

Conversational AI lets you automate processes across your organization--customer service, AI helpdesk, HR, and Conversational Commerce. Derek Roberti, VP of Technology, Cognigy

Day 2: CRM

You’re Ignoring the Most Important Ingredient of Customer Experience: Your Data

In the rush to adopt newer technologies like AI and machine learning, too many CX professionals are hamstrung by the most important ingredient of customer experience: data. Without high quality, report-ready data as a foundation, initiatives to personalize customer touchpoints and reduce customer effort will fall flat faster than you can say “360 degree view of the customer.” And with the pandemic accelerating the shift to digital channels, you need best-in-class engagement strategies for a digital-first world.

AI-Driven Interaction Insights Powering the Future of Real-Time Work

Today’s workforce is expected to handle large volumes of interactions across a wide variety of new topics and compliance requirements and customers expect their answers to be immediate, empathetic and accurate. In this video, Verint’s Daniel Ziv, vice president, global product strategy, speech and text analytics, explores how interaction insights from speech, text and desktop analytics solutions can provide mission-critical insights for contact center and customer experience executives and power a new set of solutions that can guide agents in real time.

Day 3: Smart Customer Service

What's Next In CX: Insights From Research On Modern Consumer Expectations

What consumers expected from the customer experience just ten years ago, no longer holds true. In the past year, big box retailers were forced to become direct-to-consumer brands overnight. Many businesses closed their store fronts and focused on online operations. Subscription services, personalized products and flexible marketplaces are now sought after by modern consumers. And, most importantly, customers no longer see relationships with businesses as transactional — they see brands as an extension of their identity. Kustomer went out and surveyed over 500 American consumers to understand how their expectations of customer service have changed over the past 18 months, the business impact of poor customer service, and what brands need to succeed.

National Retailer Dissects Frictionless Experiences With AI-Powered Virtual Agents

TechStyle Fashion Group, operator of brands like ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and JustFab, continues to optimize their omnichannel strategy over time to expand AI-powered self-service over voice and digital channel that saved over $1 million in operating expenses in just the first 3 months after go-live. Hear best practices on delivering frictionless experiences with AI and how to iterate and improve over time to increase containment and deliver the best CX to customers.

Your Customer Experience Is Missing An Important Piece: The Phone Call

When your business calls from an unknown number, your brand is anonymous. By branding your calls, displaying the “who” and “why” behind the call, you can increase your customer connections and deliver positive customer experiences.

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