• June 11, 2021

Gainsight Unveils Major Product Enhancements

Gainsight yesterday introduced features and capabilities to its Customer Success platfrom during its Pulse Everywhere user conference.

New solutions and capabilities include the following:

  • Gainsight for Onboarding: ensures pre- and post-sales alignment by helping teams collaborate to capture customers' desired outcomes during the initial sales cycle and then create onboarding plans for post-sales teams to track exactly how and when those outcomes are achieved.
  • Gainsight for Account Planning: helps teams leverage achieved customer outcomes to  identify, navigate, and close expansion opportunities, providing step-by-step action plans that loop-in the data and stakeholders that are most likely to drive growth opportunities.
  • Gong.io Integration: allows Gainsight customers to automatically log their Gong.io call recordings into their Gainsight Timeline, capturing and analyzing conversation sentiment and keywords that can then be leveraged to help drive the right actions.
  • Gainsight Zoom App: brings Gainsight directly into the Zoom meeting experience so they can access their Gainsight Customer 360, Timeline, People and Customer Journey features directly within Zoom, surfacing critical insights and enabling note-taking in real time while on customer calls.
  • Net Retention Optimizer: leverages artificial intelligence to help teams identify, understand, and then focus their energies on the activities that impact key metrics, such as net retention rate and net pomoter score (NPS).
  • Person 360 (P360): introduces a 360-degree view for individuals within customer accounts, giving customer-facing teams insights into their Champions, Sponsors, Power Users, and other key stakeholders. It also includes insights on product activity, key feature usage, individual health and sentiment scores, Timeline notes, NPS, support tickets, and more.
  • Customer 360 with Customer Journeys: delivers an interface for Gainsight's Customer 360 experience, leveraging the Horizon design system. With Customer Journeys, users gain an even deeper understanding of their accounts and customers with access to key milestones and alerts on critical account changes directly within the 360 view.
  • Customer Data Unification: helps companies congregate, clean, and organize the data they bring into Gainsight, creating a single definition and record of customers and contacts that can be used across systems.

"As Customer Success has evolved over the years, we've seen the customer journey itself emerge from being the responsibility of a customer success team and its managers to being a true organization-wide initiative," said Maksim Ovsyannikov, executive vice president of products at Gainsight, in a statement. "In reality, the journey starts well before a customer buys your product and extends all the way through their continued growth, account planning, and execution.

"We're so excited to unveil these solutions that will make it more simple and intuitive for every key function within an organization to align around the customer," Ovsyannikov added. "From customer success and product teams to sales, marketing, finance, even your board, we're on a mission to help organizations get more data-driven, more collaborative, and more outcomes focused across each and every stage of their customer journey. And we're excited to partner with some of the best in the business to help us do so."

"Gong made it a point to put the customer at the center of our business on day one, and nothing's been more instrumental to our growth," said Gong.io Chief Customer Officer Eran Aloni in a statement. "Gainsight has long helped us deliver the outcomes our customers expect, as well as the features they've grown to love. We couldn't be more excited to announce the next step in our partnership, allowing customers to leverage the combined power of revenue intelligence and customer success management to delight our customers through their entire journey."

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