Aha! Insights Technology has launched ClientStream as an addition to its Live Conversations market research platform.

The new technology allows brand and corporate insights teams to observe live focus groups and in-depth interviews without downloading Zoom or other software to their desktops. 

"We've learned many corporations have a policy against downloading third-party software to work computers. This restriction makes it difficult to impossible for client observers to watch live focus groups or IDIs from their work devices," said Ray Fischer, CEO of Aha!, in a statement. "Our innovative solution gives clients the ability to easily log in and enter our private client back room to watch live streams of their groups and interviews with no download required. This eliminates the need to involve the organization's tech Ops people and overcomes any corporate policy issues. It's a real game-changer, particularly in the financial services and healthcare arenas. Beyond the download issue, it is simply a better and easier way to view live research online."