• April 27, 2021

Stratifyd Launches Stratifyd Solutions

Stratifyd, a provider of experience analytics solutions, today launched Stratifyd Solutions, a purpose-built offering to help businesses uncover insights and drive value from experience, operational, and behavioral data.

Each solution works independently or as part of an enterprise-wide experience analytics platform. These individual solutions include the following:

  • Stratifyd for Customer Experience and VoC, allowing companies to listen to customers, consolidate feedback, identify and recover at-risk customers; surface insights on competitive experiences to inform product or service improvements; and uncover the role the employee experience plays in driving the customer experience;
  • Stratifyd for Contact Center Experience, allowing businesses to identify opportunities for process and resource optimization, agent performance improvement, sales effectiveness, and compliance and quality assurance;
  • Stratifyd for Product Experience, to uncover customer attitudes and product insights and chart a new course for product roadmaps by listening to the conversations among customers, competitors, and the market;
  • Stratifyd for Digital Experience, to monitor brand reputation across every digital touchpoint and consolidate feedback; and
  • Stratifyd for Medical Insights, to uncover insights from real-world evidence sourced directly from clinical data, medical affair data, and healthcare provider feedback.

"Stratifyd Solutions was built with a goal to help businesses quickly gather impactful insights that lead to meaningful change,'' said Michelle Turner, vice president of product strategy at Stratifyd, in a statement. "There's nothing more frustrating than knowing the answer is in your data, but not having the time, talent, or resources to uncover the hidden signals. Each Solution provides teams with the resources they need to successfully uncover trends, insights, and anomalies traditional approaches often miss. Not only will the Solutions prove the value of customer experience programs, but they'll also help brands better understand their customers and products at every step of the journey."

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