• July 30, 2020

Stratifyd Launches Next-Generation Data Analytics Platform

Stratifyd, a data science, artificial intelligence, and analytics company, today launched its next-generation platform, re-designed from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use to harness proprietary and third-party data to reveal and understand hidden stories within the data.

The Stratifyd platform lets users connect data sources to the platform, perform in depth analysis and data modeling, and discover insightful stories, all through a graphical user interface, pre-built and customizable data analytics models, and simplified dashboards.

"Stratifyd is a company with data science in our DNA. We were founded with a bold but simple mission to enable everyone within an organization to not only uncover but also understand the hidden stories within their data," said Derek Wang, founder and CEO of Stratifyd, in a statement. "This release of our next-gen platform is a giant leap in bringing to life our vision of putting the power of data science into the hands of business users."

Features of the new platform include the following:

  • Quick Start Guide, which leads users step by step through the process of connecting data, deploying analytical models, and visualizing insights as they build their first dashboards;
  • A library of more than 100 data connectors to analyze structured and unstructured data from public sources such as Amazon reviews, Google Play and iTunes Store app reviews, and social media channels, as well as internal company data, such as call center conversations, customer survey results, and chat conversations;
  • Auto-learning models that analyze data and determine the best customized model(s) based on the data available; while advanced models enable data analysts to customize models based on use cases and specific data available; and
  • Task Management ;that enables users to identify key findings that require action, capture tracking tasks, assign them to relevant teams or individuals, and track progress.

"Data is at the forefront of every decision a business makes and frames the narrative," Wang said. "To better understand the stories hidden in data, it needs to be viewed from the lens of the business user as they are the storytellers that can consider the data in the appropriate context."

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