• April 8, 2021

Okta Launches Customer Identity Risk Ecosystem and Workflow Integrations

Okta, a provider of identity solutions, at its Oktane21 virtual users' conference yesterday, announced the expansion of the Okta Integration Network across risk and fraud, customer data orchestration, data privacy and compliance, and the software development lifecycle.

These new integrations leverage identity to help solve digital transformation challenges, from securing transactions to digital onboarding.

"Identity has a distinct and unique role to play in the digital experience ecosystem, especially from an integration standpoint," said Diya Jolly, chief product officer of Okta, in a statement. "Uniting risk signals with access decisions can help prevent the kinds of security and fraud risks that are increasingly common in our digital world, without sacrificing user experience. Simultaneously, we see a massive opportunity to expand the role Okta Workflows can play to benefit user experience. Workflows can serve as a real-time data orchestration tool, automating identity-centric processes throughout the customer journey tech stack. Together, our best-of-breed approach and deep integration catalog across risk signaling and the customer journey open up all sorts of opportunities for Okta customers to build robust, secure, digital experiences."

Okta Workflows for Customer Identity is now generally available, and the Okta Integration Network has grown its suite of pre-built integrations to support no-code automation needs. Hubspot, Mixpanel, SendGrid, and other connectors are now available.

The new Okta Workflow connectors within the Okta Integration Network help organizations support customer experience use cases, including registration, analytics, privacy and consent, and CRM.

"We're very excited to be part of the expanded Okta Integration Network for Customer Identity, which will allow customers to easily visualize their Okta data on registrations and logins within Mixpanel," said Amir Movafaghi, CEO of Mixpanel, in a statement. "We believe deeply in the importance of product analytics for understanding the customer journey, and this integration makes that even more possible."

New integrations with bot detection and web application firewall providers, including Signal Sciences (now a part of Fastly), HUMAN, F5 Networks, and PerimeterX, leverage the new Risk Ecosystem API to tie fraud-related risk signals to specific users.

"Fastly provides unmatched visibility and protection against bots and account takeovers for some of the world's largest brands," said Sean Leach, chief product architect at Fastly, in a statement. "We're thrilled to closely partner with Okta to share risk signals and provide a holistic view of fraud for joint customers. Improving the customer experience while offering seamless protection from unforeseen risks is tantamount to effective and secure digital acceleration. Together, we can help prevent attacks and meet the needs of modern teams."

Okta's new purpose-built integrations enable organizations to do the following:

  • Assess risk and defend against fraud during the authentication and registration flows of the customer journey;
  • Orchestrate customer data flows downstream and to customer marketing systems;
  • Comply with regional privacy legislation by ensuring customer consent preferences are passed to privacy and marketing systems in real time; and
  • Speed identity integration throughout the software development lifecycle.

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