• October 8, 2020

Okta Launches Customer Identity Workflows

Okta yesterday launched Okta Customer Identity Workflows, which enables product builders and IT professionals to automate digital transformation identity processes and makes user identity extensible across the entire software stack with low-code options through Okta Hooks or drag-and-drop tooling.

"Every interaction within the customer journey today is unique, with businesses needing to cater to a variety of users in a personalized way," said Diya Jolly, chief product officer at Okta, in a statement. "Okta has built an identity platform that is broad and flexible enough to suit each of these unique experience use cases. Customer Identity Workflows leverages automation to empower everyone in an organization, from a non-technical business leader to a developer, to program how user identity flows to and from every piece of the customer journey. This is incredibly powerful for any organization embarking on digital initiatives."

Okta Customer Identity Workflows can be integrated through the Okta Identity Cloud, connecting to disparate systems while ensuring demographic-specific, geographic-specific, and privacy-specific logic is in place.

Okta Customer Identity Workflows enables organizations to do the following:

  • Provision and deprovision access to business-critical technology, including custom applications, and share data across systems, platforms, and warehouses;
  • Automate communication inside and outside the organization with notifications to customers, vendors, and internal teams.
  • Automate regulatory compliance, including logging granular audit trails, syncing consent and preferences, and kicking off data retrieval requests with downstream technologies already in place.
  • Access an open platform for custom automation with no-code options and drag-and-drop tooling.

Okta has built Customer Identity Workflow Connectors to digital transformation tools. New connectors for Marketo, OneTrust, and Salesforce are the first of many Workflow Connectors.

"Our customers recognize how important it is to maintain trust with their own users, with the protection of their privacy and identity paramount to building and growing that trusted relationship," said Kabir Barday, CEO and founder of OneTrust, in a statement. "Being able to automate how a user's identity flows into their consent management choices not only helps keep Okta's and OneTrust's joint customers compliant but enables a seamless customer experience."

"Marketo Engage's mission to help marketers master the art and science of digital marketing could not be more important in today's digital-first climate," said Brian Glover, head of product marketing for Marketo Engage at Adobe, in a statement. "By integrating seamlessly with the Okta Identity Cloud, Okta is giving our joint customers the ability to automate the flow of user identity into the Adobe Experience Platform, further enriching data sets and making marketing efforts even more targeted and effective for businesses everywhere."

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