• November 17, 2020

Salesforce Launches Customer 360 Truth

Salesforce today released the full suite of products for Customer 360 Truth to help companies unify, segment, and activate data across every customer touchpoint.

Customer 360 Truth natively integrates a set of data management, consumer identity access management, customer data platform, and privacy tools to create a single source of truth for every customer. It includes the following:

  • Customer 360 Data Manager, which connects customer data across Salesforce clouds and non Salesforce systems while matching that data to an individual to create a common profile and issue a single Salesforce ID for each person. This common profile and Salesforce ID enables a single view of customers across systems.
  • Customer 360 Audiences, Salesforce's customer data platform (CDP) that enables marketers to capture, understand and activate all customer data across their CRM and other data sources, like marketing tools, commerce systems, data warehouses and more. With Customer 360 Audiences, companies can ingest and connect massive amounts of data across siloed data sources to build a single customer profile, create unique audience segments with the help of artificial intelligence, and personally engage with customers on any channel.
  • Customer 360 Identity, which delivers an easier sign-up and login for end users and a single source of truth for IT departments. With Customer 360 Identity, companies can provide a single customer login across all of their digital properties.Salesforce partnered with Auth0 to provide this frictionless login experience.
  • Customer 360 Privacy Center, which empowers companies to automate the management of sensitive, non-business useful or outdated customer data, like Social Security numbers, addresses, or birthdays, of former patients or customers. With the Salesforce Privacy Center's new suite of data management and archive tools, admins can now create policies that manage how Salesforce retains, deletes, anonymizes, and transfers customer data, including policies that govern how long data is kept or if it's to be compiled and transferred back to customers at their request.

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