• November 13, 2020

Calix Updates Calix Support Cloud

Calix has enhanced Calix Support Cloud (CSC) to help subscribers set up EDGE Suites while also delivering massive operational savings via dramatic reductions in issue escalations, follow-up calls, and truck rolls.

With this latest release, support team leaders can track the effectiveness of support interactions through a refreshed CSC dashboard that delivers the same deep network insights but now in an actionable, graphical format. Support teams can instantly check key performance metrics.

"EDGE Suites are designed to give subscribers more control over their experience, but CSR teams play a critical, front-line role in ensuring the setup process is user-friendly," said Shane Eleniak, senior vice president of revenue for EDGE products at Calix, in a statement. "This latest release continues the evolution of Calix Support Cloud, further tying its benefits to EDGE Suites and creating a win-win for subscribers and service providers. The home Wi-Fi experience continues to improve and become smarter for subscribers because CSR teams are armed with actionable insights and the ability to directly intervene as necessary. The result is more efficient setup calls that result in faster resolutions, not escalations and follow-ups."

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