• October 16, 2020

ServiceNow Launches Connected Operations

ServiceNow has launched Connected Operations, a solution that bridges IoT data with ServiceNow digital workflows.

By bringing IoT data directly into the Now Platform, organizations can view the health and history of assets in near real time across multiple locations in a single platform Any issues that arise automatically trigger an operations incident so that teams can act and triage and resolve issues quickly with Customer Service Management and Field Service Management workflows.

"IoT offers massive potential for enterprises to transform operations, respond to insights in near-real time, and evolve to a product-as-as-service model," said Jonathan Sparks, vice president of IoT and operations products at ServiceNow, in a statement. "To date, IoT data often have been stuck in siloed systems. With Connected Operations, companies now can realize the full value of IoT data, action these insights to solve issues before customers even know they've happened, and unlock new levels of productivity and growth."

Connected Operations includes the following:

  • IoT Bridge, which brings siloed data from IoT-connected assets into the Now Platform and monitors infrastructure across locations.
  • IoT Rule Engine, which allows users to create rules to ensure organizations are notified of problems as soon as they arise. These rules are informed by rich business context from the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Once IoT data is consolidated within the IoT Bridge, the IoT Rule Engine evaluates the data for potential problems in near-real time.
  • Operations Incident, which creates IoT Events when the IoT Rule Engine detects an issue, and one or more events can become an Operations Incident. Leveraging digital workflows, teams can collaborate to triage the affected asset and define a course of action to resolve the incident.
  • Connected Workflows integrated with Customer Service Management with Field Service Management, allowing cross-team coordination in one workspace as response efforts are managed. From the Connected Operations Workspace, teams can create proactive cases in ServiceNow Customer Service Management and notify potentially impacted customers. They can also create work orders in ServiceNow Field Service Management to dispatch field technicians, who can also see IoT data, to conduct repairs.

Wisconsin-based Traffic and Parking Control Co. (TAPCO) partnered with ServiceNow to pilot Connected Operations

"The power it gives us is incredible," said Jason Anderson, TAPCO's IT director, in a statement. "For us, there was a lot of opportunity to move to a digital workflow. Not having to jump back and forth between multiple systems, not having to look up contracts over on this file server, not having to look up the customer contact. All of the information is consolidated right here when the alert arrives. This allows for streamlined internal workflows, which increases our responsiveness, resulting in an improved customer experience."

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