• September 17, 2020

ringDNA Launches Guided Selling

ringDNA, a provider of sales enablement solutions, today launched Guided Selling to provide< sales reps with real-time guidance powered by artificial intelligence that can distill data learned from billions of sales interactions into prioritized next-best actions.

Guided Selling provides reps with a curated list of which accounts, leads, and contacts to contact next, with the messaging that is most likely to result in revenue.

"In this new remote paradigm, companies are having to do more with less," said ringDNA founder and CEO Howard Brown in a statement. "Guided Selling is a total game-changer for sales teams, as it uses AI to focus reps on next-best actions while empowering them to build stronger relationships and better solve customer problems."

When sales development reps, account executives or customer success reps begin their day using Guided Selling, they'll see a prioritized list of recommended actions, including calls, emails, texts, and tasks. Guided Selling can dynamically shift reps' priorities in response to sales triggers, such as when a prospect fills out a form, downloads content, or responds to a sales email.

Guided Selling lives in Salesforce and provides real-time Salesforce dashboards.

"ringDNA was a no-brainer for us. It has the most seamless integration with Salesforce since it's native, and all the analytics are right there, too," said Danielle Pitter, Salesforce administrator at Kazzcade, ina statement, "ringDNA Guided Selling has dramatically increased our sales reps' productivity by about 50 percent already. Instead of working 10 leads per hour, it's now the same or more, but in a half hour."

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