• September 17, 2020

MOLOCO Launches MOLOCO Cloud for Mobile Marketers

MOLOCO, a provider of machine learning and growth solutions for mobile marketers, today launched the MOLOCO Cloud programmatic advertising platform, giving marketers direct control over their programmatic advertising operations through self-serve functionality with the same machine learning algorithms MOLOCO uses to maximize campaign performance for its managed services.

"Our goal at MOLOCO is to provide marketers with the tools and technical infrastructure needed to thrive in the modern mobile marketplace," said Ikkjin Ahn, co-founder and CEO of MOLOCO, in a statement. "With MOLOCO Cloud, we're taking the next natural step, giving more control to advertisers so they can take a hands-on approach to managing their programmatic ad campaigns on a global scale while still enjoying the full benefits of our performance optimization algorithms."

MOLOCO Cloud provides mobile marketers with direct access to real-time campaign data. Features include the following:

  • Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) traffic targeting;/li>
  • Automated performance optimization with machine learning;
  • Consolidated campaign management;
  • Full-funnel data transparency; and
  • Custom campaign performance models for any performance metric, including app installs, in-app events, and return on ad spending.

"MOLOCO Cloud strikes the ideal balance between intelligently automating and optimizing campaigns while giving marketers more control over their programmatic advertising," said Yi Gong, senior growth marketing manager at Tilting Point, in a statement. "With MOLOCO's powerful algorithms and their high standards of client support, we've been able to achieve a significant boost in returns from our programmatic efforts."

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