• July 30, 2020

Sprinklr Launches Sandbox Testing Solution

Sprinklr, a customer experience management platform provider, today introduced Sprinklr Sandbox, an isolated environment where organizations can experiment with new features and enhance business processes in Sprinklr without directly impacting customers or employees.

Companies can choose from two Sprinklr Sandbox options

  • Standard Sandbox: Testing environment complete with true configuration details (rules, workflows, approval paths, etc.) intended for development and testing in an isolated environment; or
  • Premium Sandbox: Near copy of a live production environment and inclusive of data, such as messages, profiles, assets, etc. Intended to be used as a staging, and/or training environment.

Sprinklr's Standard and Premium Sandbox both include the following features:

  • Rollback - Revert a deployed change in the live environment at any time;
  • Account Mapping - Map a branded channel account to a test account in Sprinklr Sandbox for end-to-end testing of new features, such as Sprinklr Smart Alerts or Smart Responses;
  • Audit Trail - Capture a complete version history of actions taken by individuals in the Sprinklr Sandbox; and
  • Granular User Governance - Manage user access to Sprinklr Sandbox capabilities.

"Sprinklr Sandbox inspires limitless innovation without the risk," said Pavitar Singh, chief technology officer at Sprinklr, in a statement. "Customer-facing departments now have more stability to deliver consistent, seamless experiences."

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