• July 17, 2020

Fanatical Labs Launches Glances

Fanatical Labs, developers of software integrations for CRM systems and tech platforms, has launched Glances to unify customer data from the multiple applications business professionals use daily.

"Developing integrations is our specialty, so we have a realistic understanding of our clients' struggles when it comes to navigating a variety of programs. Our research brought one common pain point to light: businesses want to easily access a single, more complete view of their customer data. Despite various job roles and industries, they all share the time-wasting struggle of chasing crucial customer data from one online app to another. This is how the concept for Glances was born," said Jason Eggers, co-founder and CEO of Fanatical Labs, in a statement.

Glances unifies customer data from numerous applications without the need for coding, data syncing, or scheduling jobs. This no-code technology will benefit both B2C and B2B professionals in CRMs, support systems, marketing platforms, and other necessary apps because they can stay in their program of choice but still gain access to a holistic view of each customer. Glances makes this possible by unifying users' apps with one customer view that provides real-time data from within any app .

It takes a few minutes for users to set up Glances and connect their apps . When signed in, Glancey, the persona of Glances, will stamp email addresses that display on the webpage being viewed. Users simply click the stamp to see data associated with that email. Another way to access relevant data is to click on the Glances widget in the corner of the current webpage.

"With the many iPaaS solutions out there, we knew there had to be a simpler way to make a single customer view integration, something where you connect your apps and see your customer data with just a few clicks. In most cases you do not need to actually sync customer data, you only need to see a customer's data in a specific context while you're working. Once we overcame a few key technology hurdles, we started building our MVP," said Chad Hutchins, co-founder and chief technology officer at Fanatical Labs, in a statement. "The perfect end user for Glances is any company that relies on multiple technologies to deliver their customer experience lifecycle. They might use Mailchimp for email marketing, Zendesk for customer support, Salesforce as their CRM, QuickBooks for accounting…and so on."

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