Verint Touts Functionality, Flexibility of Solutions at Virtual Conference

Companies need best-of-breed functionality throughout their contact centers and related systems to successfully negotiate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dan Bodner, chairman and CEO of Verint Systems, said today at the company's virtual customer engagement conference.

More than 2,500 people registered for the event, which was changed to a virtual offering once it was recognized that a physical event couldn't occur as planned due to COVID-19. Just as the pandemic required Verint and other companies to shift their conferences to virtual events or to postpone them to much later in the year, it also forced companies to move contact center agents to remote work, Bodnar noted in his keynote address.

For some companies, the move to a work-from-home model was temporary, but some analysts have said that many agents could be working remotely for an extended period, even as companies now slowly start to reopen office spaces.

"Many of our customers have commented on our quick response," Bodner said, noting that Verint's offerings have enabled agents to move to remote work without disruption.

To that end, the company increased available resources to help contact center operations reduce trouble tickets. Verint also made its language library available at no charge and helped companies increase workforce stability and compliance.

Verint's cloud offerings can provide customers with positive return on investment in as little as six months, according to Bodner.

"Analytics is more important than ever," Bodner said. "You need to be able to capture every interaction and connect the data together to elevate the customer experience."

By capturing the data, combining it, and analyzing it, companies can provide their customers with contextualized responses, either through automated means or via an agent, Bodner added. "You need people and digital bots working side by side."

In addition to remote workforces, the pandemic has also led many Verint customers to pursue digital cloud strategies, which can include a single cloud solution or a hybrid could strategy using several solutions. Verint is offering flexible solutions designed to meet either scenario. " Companies have had to adjust their processes in the current environment," Bodner said. "We work with you to help you understand what you need."

In switching up their contact centers, many Verint customers also found that they need speech analytics to best serve their customers, according to Daniel Ziv, Verint vice president of speech and text analytics at Verint, who spoke in a subsequent session.

Since the start of the pandemic, hundreds of customers have taken advantage of Verint's analytics offerings, Ziv said.

In June, Verint will begin offering a series of managed service packages with different levels of service.

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