• May 14, 2020

6sense Partners with Bombora for Insights into Buyer Behavior

6sense, an account engagement company, has partnered with Bombora, an intent data company, to enable mutual customers to leverage Bombora's Company Surge intent within the 6sense Account Engagement Platform.

With this partnership, Bombora's Company Surge data can now be combined with 6sense's intent, predictive, engagement, and other crucial account data to create hyper-targeted audiences for marketing and sales activities. Company Surge data complements 6sense's proprietary first- and third-party intent data.

Bombora identifies specific companies that are researching products and services by capturing intent signals across a proprietary, consent-based cooperative of thousands of B2B websites. Bombora uses natural language processing to understand meaning, context, and engagement with content, and its patented Company Surge data is a normalized score showing content consumption spikes against a baseline of normal consumption, scored weekly to show trend analysis.

"As part of our mission to deliver the most comprehensive account engagement platform on the market, we're constantly expanding the data sources and insights our customers can use to focus their sales and marketing efforts," said Viral Bajaria, chief technology officer and co-founder of 6sense, in a statement. "Joint customers can now leverage Bombora intent data with 6sense's robust segmentation, analytics, and engagement features to shine a light on their dark funnel and engage the best accounts for their sales and marketing teams."

"Normally, only 15 percent of companies are in the market for any specific product at any given time. During these turbulent times, as businesses are reprioritizing their investments, it is even more critical to identify and reach them while researching the initiatives, products, and services they are going to commit to," said Erik Matlick, founder and CEO of Bombora, in a statement. "This partnership with 6sense gives B2B sales and marketing teams a leading-edge command center out of which to leverage our intent signals."

"6sense and Bombora are integral components of our account-based sales and marketing tech stack, so we're excited that these two best-in-class providers are now partners," said Gladys Alegre-Kimura, head of marketing operations at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, in a statement. "With Bombora's intent data now integrated with the rich account data and activation capabilities in 6sense, our sales and marketing team is even better positioned to identify customer demand and engage with the right buyers at the right time."

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