• October 7, 2019

6sense Launches Account Based Retargeting

6sense, an account-based orchestration platform provider, today released an Account Based Retargeting feature to help its customers create smart, dynamic audiences in platforms like Google Ads and Display & Video 360 by leveraging account, persona, behavior, dynamic segment, and predicted buying stage data from 6sense.

These audiences can be used in Google Ads and other ad platforms to deliver personalized ads and more focused landing pages, exclude low-value audiences, increase bids on high-value audiences, and expand reach exclusively to target audiences.

Account Based Retargeting is built on top of the patent-pending 6sense Company Graph, which provides account firmographics, segment insights, behavioral data, and predictive insights about the buying stage of website visitors' companies. Not only can 6sense provide Google Analytics and Google Ads with basics such as account name, industry, revenue range, and employee size, but it also exposes behavioral data such as whether a person is in an active buying cycle for your product; part of an account that is researching a key competitor or has an open opportunity; or an existing customer.

"By leveraging this feature for 6sense's own ad retargeting strategy, I'm increasing bids for ideal customers, adjusting calls to action and messaging based on 6sense buying stages, and eliminating spend on accounts that don't meet our ideal customer profile," said Susan Peterson, vice president of digital marketing at 6sense, in a statement. "With this approach, we have been able to increase site visits from strong fit accounts by 101 percent and reduce traffic from weak fit accounts by 35 percent. So not only are we driving more traffic, but the traffic arriving on the site is much more valuable to us because it is from the accounts we care the most about."

"We leverage 6sense across our marketing and sales technology stack to drive a consistent and personalized experience for prospects on all our channels, including our website and content experiences, digital advertising, email, and sales enablement," said Aristomenis Capogeannis, director of growth marketing and analytics at Sage Intacct, in a statement. "This integration has been game-changing from an ROI standpoint by extending our ability to turn vanity metrics of sessions and page views in Google Analytics into more valuable account analytics and audiences we can analyze, and further powering relevant B2B account-based retargeting campaigns in Google Ad Manager."

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