• March 19, 2020

Tapjoy Launches Multi-Reward Engagements for Cost-Per-Engagement Offers

Tapjoy, a mobile advertising and app monetization company, today launched Multi-Reward Engagements for Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE) offers, allowing users to earn multiple rewards within the one CPE offer, providing app advertisers a way to increase deeper funnel engagements.

"Tapjoy has always been a steadfast proponent of the value exchange model," said Sarah Chafer, executive vice president of global ad sales at Tapjoy, in a statement. "We believe that this model is most effective when the user experience comes first. With the release of Multi-Reward Engagements, we're seeing fewer customer support requests, higher completion of CPE offers, and higher revenue for developers, which correlates to higher engagement. High user engagement benefits the entire mobile ecosystem—players, advertisers, and developers alike."

Tapjoy's CPE product allows users to download new apps and complete in-app objectives, such as attaining a certain level in a game or completing a specific action in return for rewards in the host app.

The addition of Multi-Reward Engagements for CPE aims to reduce this drop off by rewarding users at various points along their journey thus creating more earning opportunities for users and a higher likelihood to complete the highest value offer. Meanwhile, they improve retention in the host app, as users have more currency to spend. Overall, the experience offers users the option to earn rewards at their own pace, with reliable visibility at every step along the way.>

This update also adds a visual progress bar to help users understand where they are in the conversion process and when the offer expires and pick up where they left off.

Multi-Reward Engagements are currently integrated with Mobile Measurement Partners Adjust, AppsFlyer, Singular, and Kochava, with others being added shortly.

"Tapjoy's new Multi-Reward offers are a seamless way to reward users for their engagement in app," said Ben Roodman, senior director of partner development at AppsFlyer, in a statement. "AppsFlyer is proud to participate in this initiative by providing independent, unbiased measurement in order to ensure that all events are properly attributed."

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