• March 24, 2021

Tapjoy Launches Country Multipliers

Tapjoy, a mobile advertising and app monetization company, has launched a self-serve Country Multipliers tool for its offerwall, designed to help app publishers optimize revenue on a per-country basis.

Now available through the Tapjoy dashboard, Country Multipliers enable publishers to increase offerwall conversions by awarding virtual currency for rewarded advertising offers at different exchange rates based on the user's country. Instead of relying on a single, fixed rate of exchange based on a fiat currency such as the U.S. dollar, Country Multipliers adapt to the unique purchasing power and relative currency exchange rates for different countries, enabling app publishers to more granularly optimize revenue worldwide.

"As consumer interest in rewarded advertising and in-app offerwalls continues to grow throughout the world, publishers are becoming more sophisticated in their approach," said Benjamin Chen, executive vice president of global developer relations at Tapjoy, in a statement. "Our goal is to give publishers the tools they need to optimize offerwall performance at a granular level, and Country Multipliers is a great example. It provides a better user experience by equalizing buying power outside of the United States, which drives increased engagement with the offerwall and brings in additional ad revenue, while complementing [in-app purchases] for the publishers."

In beta tests, Country Multipliers significantly increased offer completion rates and the average revenue per daily unique visitors (ARPDUV) of offerwall users outside of the United States.

"Jurassic World: The Game," a theme park builder combined with dinosaur battles, used Tapjoy's Country Multipliers to drive a sharp increase in revenue in Russia. After using Country Multipliers to increase the offerwall currency exchange rate by three times for Russian users, the app increased its ad-based ARPDUV by 77 percent. The app also saw a 34 percent increase in average conversion rate and a 105 percent increase in daily ad-based earnings. Ludia quickly scaled the optimization against more apps and saw similar increases in Germany, Brazil, and other countries.

"Using Country Multipliers helped Ludia see its best non-currency sale weekday revenue ever in Russia," said Francois Daoud, vice president of marketing at Ludia, in a statement. "The number of users who are actually completing offerwall offers has risen in a number of countries, and we're expecting to see those results continue as we keep Country Multipliers in place. This opens up new possibilities for us as we look to increase revenue outside of the United States."

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