• December 10, 2019

True Influence Launches InsightBase 4.2

True Influence, a provider of intent-based marketing and demand generation solutions, today launched InsightBase 4.2, the latest version of its consolidated, intent-driven demand generation and sales solution.

InsightBase 4.2 is an integrated solution that allows B2B marketers to monitor the results of demand generation and sales efforts across a range of solutions. It provides users with automatic account creation. Additionally, the buying group intent intelligence has been bolstered by allowing users to view more information on specific buying groups, including who the buying groups are missing as well as any spiking activity within groups. This buying group information is now included in email alerts sent directly to the specified sales and marketing professionals.

With increased security compliance, InsightBase 4.2 combines True Influence's advanced marketing intelligence solution with content syndication from the company's PersonaBase and a steady flow of demand generation from ActiveBase. Email alerts notify users when campaigns are available in InsightBase 4.2.

InsightBase 4.2 now supports bi-directional data integration with Marketo, as well as other leading CRM platforms, dynamically updating its intent monitoring and contact delivery to synch with any changes in coverage maps and sales representative assignments. Sales teams will know which of their accounts are in-market based on individual and buying group intent activity with relevant topics.

This new solution also organizes ideal customer personas into buying groups across account lists, target audiences, or active demand segments. InsightBase 4.2 analyzes coverage levels by persona and tracks purchase intent and engagement at both the persona and buying group level, across all accounts and target audiences.

The intelligence from InsightBase 4.2 allows users to do the following:

  • Discover contact-level intent with cookie-tracking technologies to map intent signals directly to individuals in their B2B contact database;
  • Discover intent trends at the company, location, and contact level and compare this intent intelligence to buying group models for a deeper understanding of new opportunities and influencers within an account;
  • Identify buying group members and track their engagement performance;
  • Engage active demand accounts, buying groups, and prospects with intent insights, spiking accounts, and contacts configured for Marketo, CRM, or marketing automation systems and then trigger intelligent workflows and target engagement at all stages of the customer journey;
  • Enable intent-driven sales and marketing decisions with intent analysis, segmentation, and research tools that go beyond look-alike modeling to identify total active markets.
  • Leverage big data analytics with a multivariant Relevance Engine that uses natural language processing and machine learning to gather and analyze billions of intent signals each day to identify organizations researching topics relevant to companies and their products. True Influence’s proprietary identity graph technology identifies contact-level intent from B2B decision-makers across all departments in an account.

"The new features in InsightBase 4.2 really elevate the solution to a new level, making the process more automated for marketing and sales teams to quickly gain insight into their target buying groups," said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence, in a statement. "Our goal is to streamline the marketing and sales process as much as possible to help make B2B marketing organizations successful and profitable."

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