• September 10, 2019

True Influence Launches InsightBase 4.1

True Influence, a provider of ntent-based marketing and demand generation solutions, today launched InsightBase 4.1, an integrated solution that allows users to monitor the results of demand generation campaigns across a diverse range of solutions.

InsightBase 4.1 combines True Influence's InsightBase 4.0 advanced marketing intelligence solution with demand generation from the company's PersonaBase and ActiveBase solutions into a single user interface. Email alerts notify users when campaigns are available in InsightBase 4.1.

InsightBase 4.1 supports leading sales and marketing platforms with CRM bi-directional integration. Once integrated with a CRM, InsightBase 4.1 dynamically updates changes in the coverage map, including each sales representative assigned to an account. Sales teams will know which of their accounts are hot prospects based on intent activity with relevant topics.

"We know companies are inundated with various sales and marketing solutions and it can get overwhelming to decipher which products are best for specific functions. That is why we wanted to provide a comprehensive, robust solution in a single user interface for our customers to easily manage campaigns and share data to increase revenue," said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence, in a statement.

InsightBase 4.1 looks for spikes in purchase research activity from individuals within buying groups or demand units who are actively researching company products or solutions. This intent signal data is then connected with verified contact information and firmographic data and organized around True Influence's library of 6,000 topics.

The intelligence from InsightBase 4.1 allows users to do the following:

  • Discover contact intent and domain intent with cookie-tracking technologies to map intent signals directly to individuals in its B2B contact database;
  • Discover intent data trends at the domain, location, and contact level and compare this intent intelligence to buying group models;
  • Engage active demand accounts and prospects with intent data insights, spiking accounts, and intent contacts configured for a company's CRM or marketing automation system;
  • Enable data-driven sales and marketing decisions with intent analysis, segmentation, and research tools that go beyond look-alike modeling to identify total active markets.
  • Leverage big data analytics for better B2B prospects with an exclusive multi-variant Relevance Engine that uses artificial intelligence to gather and analyze billions of intent signals each day to identify organizations that are researching topics relevant to companies and their products.

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