3 Customer Service Mistakes Disney Plus Made at Launch

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It’s no secret that last week was a massive success for Disney Plus, Disney’s streaming service, which launched on November 12. While analysts predicted that Disney Plus would achieve about 8 million subscribers by the end of 2019, the service actually signed on about 10 million users just a day after the service was rolled out.

Despite the early success, however, the launch wasn’t without flaws. Here are the three biggest customer service mistakes the company made during launch week.

1. Long Wait Times

The company experienced some technical glitches as users tried to sign up for and use the service, but to some extent, those were to be expected when 10 million people were rushing to register. What was unacceptable to customers, however, was the long hold times they experienced when they tried to contact Disney’s customer service to resolve their technical problems.

Customers experienced wait times as long as two hours:

2. Unreliable Self Service

To avoid long call times, some customers took to Disney’s other support channels, namely its FAQ page and chat. Unable to resolve their problems via the FAQs, customers turned to the chat option, which promised faster problem resolution. However, the chat service experienced glitches as well, estimating inaccurate wait times and freezing up on users.

3. Poor Partner Integration

One of the glitches Disney Plus experienced was the result of underlying bugs in its integration with Verizon. New Verizon customers were offered a free year of Disney Plus as a new account promotion, but merging their Verizon and Disney accounts to take advantage of the discount proved to be problematic for users. It’s not uncommon for account verification to be particularly complicated when two disparate platforms are involved, but it’s something both brands should have prepared for as part of the collaboration.

The experience left customers frustrated and unsure of whether they should reach out to Disney or Verizon for support.

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