• October 1, 2019

Invoca Releases Signal Discovery

Invoca, provider of artificial intelligence-powered call tracking and conversational analytics, today unveiled Signal Discovery, the latest extension to its Signal AI product suite. Signal Discovery analyzes businesses calls to automatically uncover conversational insights about their high-intent buyers for marketers.

Signal Discovery gives marketers a view into first-party conversation data from high-intent consumers and uncovers conversation patterns and behaviors.

Using unsupervised machine learning, Signal Discovery automatically groups customer conversations into topics based on similarities in speech patterns. Since each conversation is tied to a digital customer ID, marketers can activate new customer journeys based on these events and personalize interactions on Google, Facebook, and their own websites.

With Invoca's extensible platform, marketers can send conversational data to CX platforms like Medallia and Qualtrics to provide actionable feedback on the buying experience.

"While marketers have historically been focused on digital channels and readily accessible data sets, conversations remain one of the last untapped sources of first-party data and insights," said Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca, in a statement. "These conversations represent a gold mine of customer data. It's in these conversations that consumers are explicitly telling a brand their preferences, their fears, their requests in their own words. Without this level of insight into sales conversations, marketers are losing out on opportunities to drive 15 percent to 20 percent more conversions from their digital and offline campaigns."

"Conversations are overflowing with insights that don't always see the light of day outside the contact center. As a result, many companies are missing out on opportunities to create a more consistent and positive customer experience across human and digital touch points," said Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder of Opus Research, in a statement. "Invoca's AI is democratizing conversational data by making it available and actionable beyond the confines of the contact center. By applying this data in real time, marketers can not only streamline the buying experience but also use it to inform product strategy and improve customer service."

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