• September 10, 2019
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Adobe Introduces Customer Journey Analytics

Adobe today launched Customer Journey Analytics as part of Adobe Analytics.

Customer Journey Analytics allows layers of multichannel data to be curated and stacked on top of one another to uncover new perspectives into how customers engage with companies.

The new capability in Adobe Analytics uses Adobe Experience Platform, which stitches together customer data from across the enterprise and across online, offline and third-party channels. Artificial intelligence and machine learning through Adobe Sensei and Data Science Workspace in Adobe Experience Platform help with predictive capabilities and automation.

With Customer Journey Analytics, teams can bring in new data sets, such as point-of-sale or contact center information, to produce insights. With Customer Journey Analytics, companies can do the following:

  • Answer complex questions: Being able to layer and curate omnichannel data means companies can compare customer segments, analyze fallout behavior, uncover high-performing journeys, and more. Users can also dig into layered datasets and curate collections of insights for different audiences.
  • Overhaul data access and reporting. A new reporting engine lets users query data specific to their roles. The availability of Query Service delivers flexibility for more technical audiences to query data sets using SQL and supports integrations with BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI
  • Leverage artificial intelligence with Adobe Sensei and prebuilt models that can be trained over time to make better predictions on activities happening across the customer journey, suggest recommendations on best next steps, or automate cumbersome processes.

Nate Smith, a product marketing manager for Adobe Analytics, explained that Adobe developed the Customer Journey Analytics interface with cues taken directly from Photoshop.

"Both are rooted in the concept of layers," he wrote in a blog post earlier today. "With Photoshop, images and graphics are sourced, edited, and layered on top of one another to create a new visual. In Customer Journey Analytics, the layers are data sets instead. Brands can curate metrics, such as orders, conversions, and visits across different channels with Adobe Experience Platform and drag and drop layers of data together to uncover new insights about how customers engage with the brand. It provides many different lenses into the overall customer journey."

Adobe also launched Cross-Device Analytics in Adobe Analytics. Available as part of Journey IQ, it helps companies understand customers as people and not just devices. Leveraging a private device graph and data from Adobe Experience Platform, it merges behavior from different devices into a single stream.

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