• August 22, 2019
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

LinkedIn Launches Insights and Research Hubs

Social media networking site LinkedIn today unveiled Insights and Research Hub, a new feature in its Success Hub that enables marketers to enhance their social media marketing strategies with LinkedIn insights, including data on audiences, industries, and the advertising landscape. Specific insights include topics resonating most with specific audiences, trends in various verticals, and LinkedIn advertising best practices.

Insights are derived from LinkedIn’s community of more than 645 million members and 30 million businesses across the globe.

In the Insights and Research hub, users will find information divided across the following three categories.

  • People Insights, with information about audiences on LinkedIn at an aggregate level, such as who they are, where they're from, which skills they have, which influencers they follow, and which topics resonate with them. This data can be filtered by professional cohorts (such as C-suite, small business owners, or IT decision makers) and used to inform targeting and campaign strategy and drive more effective reach and engagement.
  • Industry Insights, including vertical-specific details, overall marketing trends, and thought leadership and its demonstrable impact on audiences and buyer stages.
  • Advertising Insights, including guidance on performance measurement, branding techniques, and aligning sales and marketing departments to develop a cohesive approach on LinkedIn.

"It's never been easier to access the full depth of LinkedIn insights you can leverage to inform your marketing strategy and elevate your results," Jennifer Brett, head of the Insights Marketing Solutions team for North America at LinkedIn, wrote in a blog post earlier today. "By understanding the makeup and behaviors of your audiences, the context of your industry, and the most recommendable practices for LinkedIn advertising, you'll be poised to make smart decisions geared toward sustainable growth."

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