• May 23, 2019

Gainsight Unveils the Customer Cloud at Pulse 2019

Gainsight at its Pulse user conference in San Francisco today launched the Customer Cloud for subscription businesses.

The Gainsight Customer Cloud combines five of Gainsight’s products, the existing Gainsight CS (Customer Success) and Gainsight PX (Product Experience) products with the new Gainsight CDP (Customer Data Platform),  Gainsight CX (Customer Experience), and Gainsight RO (Revenue Optimization) products.

“With the maturity of cloud technology and the subscription economy, customer expectations have drastically changed. Companies are struggling to leverage existing tools to satisfy the increasing demands of their customers and deliver true outcomes at scale,” said Nick Metha, CEO of Gainsight, in a statement “We believe the Customer Cloud not only fills an existing gap in most companies’ toolset but also shapes the future of customer success, allowing businesses to drive sustainable growth by strengthening long-term customer relationships over time.”

Gainsight CDP captures, transforms, and analyzes a wide breadth of customer data and signals that are typically fragmented across disparate systems. It also enables IT leaders to model the complex nature of B2B subscription customer relationships and provide a single source of customer truth.

Gainsight CX enables customer experience professionals to capture customer feedback, analyze signals beyond just survey data, close the loop with respondents, and uncover insights.

Gainsight RO helps sales teams drive account renewals and expansion at scale. Predictive analytics identify a customer’s likelihood to renew and ripeness for expansion, while playbooks enable sales teams to streamline the renewal process and drive consistent and effective upsell and cross-sell motions.

These new products complement Gainsight PX, which pairs product analytics with personalized in-app engagements, and Gainsight CS, which enables companies to measure customer health across many dimensions, orchestrate the post-sale customer journey, and rally everyone in the company around the business outcomes that customers demand. 

The company also announced enhancements to Gainsight PX, including the following:

  • Enablement Engine, to provide internal users in-product guidance delivered directly within Gainsight CS.
  • Mobile Analytics & Engagement, to help users understand mobile subscribers and target them with engagements tailored for the mobile experience.
  • Triggered PX engagements from Journey Orchestrator within Gainsight CS, enabling users to seamlessly blend in-product engagements via PX with email campaigns and human interventions triggered within the Gainsight CS Journey Orchestrator.
  • Salesforce and Slack integrations that provide the latest data on user adoption and engagement. Users can view adoption metrics on the Salesforce Account and Contact record and receive Slack alerts when customers interact with an in-app engagement. 

Gainsight also enhanced its CS product line with the following:

  • Renewal Center, which helps businesses better forecast renewals and execute the processes needed to achieve the predicted renewal rate. Renewal Center uses machine learning to analyze subjective and objective customer data to produce a predictive renewal likelihood score for every renewal opportunity.
  • People Maps, to help users capture the organizational hierarchy of customer contacts and crowdsource information on the informal relationships between them.
  • A mobile app that lets users integrate Gainsight CS with their calendar, receive important notifications, get customer insight from Sally the AI Bot, and share updates, notes, and summaries.
  • Success Snapshots, allowing users to export Gainsight data and reports directly into branded, client-ready presentations.
  • Success Plan Collaboration, to help users design strategic account plans, share them internally and with customers, and collaborate.
  • Gainsight Home, a single place to get insightful and actionable intelligence about their portfolios, and complete daily tasks, like setting up meetings, taking notes, and creating to-do lists.
  • Adoption Explorer, which allows users to plug product adoption data into Gainsight and provides pre-built visualizations.
  • Bionic Reporting, a flexible reporting framework that lets users transform customer data sets on the fly and share them across the company. 
  • Voice-of-the-Customer Text Analytics to analyze survey comments, customer updates and activities (including recorded emails), and other text-based data.

Gainsight also used the conference to introduce an expanded ecosystem of technology partners and integrations with Tableau, Anaplan, G2, FinancialForce, Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics. Coming soon are connectors for SAP, Hubspot, and Oracle as well.

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