• April 11, 2019

Brainshark Partners with Think! and 5600blue for Sales Training

Brainshark, a provider of cloud-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, is partnering with Think! and 5600blue to help companies provide sales teams with expert knowledge, just-in-time refreshers, and an on-demand learning and practice environment.

Companies receive unique training on the skills needed to sell and negotiate better, as well as content that creates insights to help sellers advance deals and deliver more value to buyers.

"We're very excited to partner with the high-quality people and technology at Brainshark," said Brian Dietmeyer, CEO of Think! and 5600blue, in a statement. "At Think! and 5600blue, we're all about preparing B2B sales teams to sell, negotiate, and compete at the highest levels, given the new reality of buyer behavior. We believe the combined value of our intellectual property, leveraged with Brainshark training and coaching technology, is exactly what our customers have been looking for."

"Many companies today find themselves time- and resource-constrained and are unable to effectively develop and train their sales teams on sales enablement best practices and negotiation strategies, negatively impacting deal outcomes. We're pleased to partner with Think! and 5600blue to give our customers a winning combination: access to the consultancies' proven expertise in these areas, coupled with our platform for knowledge delivery and retention," said Chuck Searle, vice president of partnerships and alliances at Brainshark, in a statement.

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