Brainshark Launches Team Dashboards

Brainshark today released Team Dashboards, visual displays that enable managers to track the preparedness and progress of their sales teams. Powered by the company’s sales-readiness analytics, Team Dashboards deliver data and insights indicating whether reps are ready to have successful conversations with buyers.

According to Brendan Cournoyer, vice president of marketing at Brainshark, Team Dashboards aim to help Brainshark customers answer these questions: “Is our sales team ready, are our salespeople ready, and do they have the skills and knowledge that we need them to have before they get in front of a buyer so they can have successful conversations with the prospects they’re selling to?”

To those ends, Team Dashboards have five key capabilities: (1) Organizations can track the progress of their teams across all Brainshark learning and coaching activities; (2) compare the readiness of their teams, identifying top-performers at the team and individual level; (3 access a summary view that indicates completion statistics and average scores for all learning, coaching, and self-enrolled activities of their teams; (4) access individual-level views of each rep’s readiness; and (5 export all of this information to create and share reports.

“These dashboards take all of the learning activities and coaching activities that their teams are doing within Brainshark and centralize it all within a single view,” Cournoyer says. “So it’s very easy for anyone—from a head of sales to a sales manager to a head of sales enablement—to quickly be able to see the groups that they’re responsible for and the teams that they’re responsible for and see how their progress from a learning perspective is going, identify teams that are lagging behind, identify particular teams or particular salespeople that are doing well, and so on.”

Team Dashboards is designed to give managers both a macro and a micro view into rep readiness, whether that means  “a glimpse into the overall performance and learning activities and readiness status of all the teams that you’re managing” or “to see specifically how each individual team is doing.” ”You can see the full organization, then you can drill down into how each team is doing, and then you can go even further if you want to see specifically how the individuals in that team are doing,” Cournoyer says. 

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