• March 14, 2019

6sense Integrates with Salesforce.com's Pardot

6sense, providers of an account-based orchestration platform powered by artificial intelligence, has extended its relationship with Salesforce.com to create an integration with Pardot, Salesforce's marketing automation solution.

This integration combines marketing execution from Salesforce Pardot with the time-based predictions on prospect engagement from 6sense. Shared users can use 6sense to uncover demand and prioritize accounts with a high buying propensity while engaging buyers with personalized marketing campaigns through the Pardot platform.

"Salesforce's mission is to lessen the divide between sales and marketing through account-based alignment to help our customers grow their business," said Liam Doyle, senior vice president of product management for Salesforce Pardot, in a statement. "Targeting the right accounts is at the root of an integrated marketing campaign, and the 6sense platform makes it easier than ever to identify who those targets should be."

Through the integration, 6sense and Pardot customers can now do the following:

  • Uncover accounts demonstrating known or anonymous buying signals and create unified account profiles across this data;
  • Prioritize and segment accounts showing buying signals, such as competitive research, predictive in-market scores, website visits, campaign engagement, and more;
  • Enable sales teams with account-level insights; and
  • Engage buyers using orchestration capabilities across a broad range of channels, from sales and messaging to digital advertising and website personalization.

"Having centralized and actionable insights will help users execute account-based tactics across sales and marketing," said Amar Doshi, vice president of product at 6sense, in a statement. "We are already seeing fast time-to-value with Pardot customers who have had early access to the integration and are now leveraging multiple capabilities on the platform to drive pipeline growth."

Both Agile Frameworks and Mediafly are shared Pardot and 6sense customers already reaping the benefits of the integration.

"With the 6sense-Pardot integration, we have seen pipeline grow by four times, leading to an increase of eight times in closed deals,” said Alan Littman, chief marketing and sales officer at Agile Frameworks, in a statement.

"Focusing on quality is a huge priority for us and, using 6sense, we have seen a significant increase in inbound [marketing-qualified leads] without seeing a decrease in quantity," said Isabelle Papoulias, chief marketing officer at Mediafly, in a statement. "Having 6sense data layered on top of the lead scoring and grading criteria we set up in Salesforce Pardot has made all the difference."

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